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ultra-local food: restaurant and cornershop deli

Brixton Cornercopia is both a store selling delicious locally made food products with market sourced ingredients and a hub (market based and digital) to collect and share recipes and food stories.

Cornercopia is all about celebrating the uniqueness of Brixton market and it’s people - the abundance of raw ingredients, diversity of produce people make themselves, the people that make the market very special, their personal stories and recipes. Brixton Cornucopia will provide nutritional and healthy eating knowledge by building awareness of quality recipes and homemade foods based on sources across many cultural traditions.
It also aims to reinforce the essential tradition of the market – which is the provision of fresh foods to the local population. This is an element which has disappeared from many markets, displaced by supermarkets, and replaced by low value non-food imported products unrelated to local production, skills and components.

Over the first three months we will further increase Corerucopia’s product range by discovering new suppliers and makers through the publicity generated, open- tasting events / recipe R&D. We will also seek to develop new collaborations and further funding to help realise our non-profit food and community ambitions. Food stories, food journey maps, cooking demos. The first 3 months will also act as an incubator to help shape our idea of what a Brixton street food café and corner store could be...

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