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Sadly was unable to buy the brandy and the black teapot as the gentleman serving was incredibly RUDE to me, the customer. And, may I add, not only a customer in the shop about to spend £45 but also in your restaurant. And i have been telling everyone about your restaurant since it opened.

To be told 'don't take cards' in such a way rather than perhaps...'i am sorry we still dont take cards but we take cheques or cash' is rude. It is inconvenient to the customer therefore there should be an apology. Your restaurant has been open for some time, other restaurants in the market take cards.

Also, when purchasing a bottle of brandy for £35 it would have been nice to have it wrapped rather than put into a brown paper bag with the enamel tea pot. When i suggested it, it was if i had farted.

The member of staff said he was that an excuse for treating loyal customers so badly?

Sadly, my husband is not getting the brandy and i am not getting my tea pot and you ahve lost a customer.

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Comment by Nancy Oakley on January 4, 2012 at 8:41pm

Thank you for the apology and for changing the staff. I did buy the brandy as well as a chestnut roasting thingy   and I received the most beautiful knitted cat cosy and black tea pot for Christmas.

need another cosy for a friend,

Comment by anne fairbrother on December 7, 2011 at 12:16pm

Hello Nancy,

Firstly I can only apologise that one of our members of staff was rude, there is absolutely no excuse for this. Several members of staff were ill that day, including myself and the shop was being looked after by one of our staff who is not normally customer facing. Being ill, he should not have been working that day either.  Please accept our apologies.

It is normal practice for us to wrap goods, normally bottles of brandy are bubble wrapped to protect them (as they are pretty special limited edition bottles) and other items like tea pots wrapped in tissue paper before being put in paper bags.

I'm very aware that it is very inconvenient not having a card machine. Indeed we are about to get one -  I had hoped it would be with us for the first week of December but I am still waiting for delivery. I'm told i twill be arriving today, which will be a great relief!

We do also take cheques or electronic (text payments) of the Brixton £.  I had  agreed with the Brixton £ to delay getting a card machine until the Brixton Pound electronic trial had had time to get established.  But we certainly need one for Christmas shopping as well as the restaurant and it should be with us any day soon,

 again our apologies for this incident,




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