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Recipe - Chocolate "flavor" pancakes

So what if my pancakes were a day late - Ash Wednesday not Shrove Tuesday. But my 5 year old implored me for chocolate pancakes. I think he meant chocolate filled pancakes.... but he got more than he bargained for...

Chocolate Pancakes.

200 gm plain white organic flour

100 gm carob flour

2 eggs

1/2 ltre milk (maybe more or less to get right spreading speed for thinness)

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 pinch salt

50 gm butter for frying pan

For filling:


Creme fraiche with a little vanilla essence or vanilla sugar.

1. Put white flour and carob flour in mixing bowl with salt and baking powder.

2. Add eggs to crater in middle and stir in the flour from sides.

3. Gradually add the milk stirring and later beating to form a pourable batter with air bubbles popping on surface

4, Melt butter in frying pan and pour off into small jug. (I add a spoonful of olive oil to raise burning point a bit)

5. Fine film of butter accross bottom of frying pan with heat up til butter´s smoking

6. Quickly ladle in enough batter to spread thinly over base of pan while tilting and turning pan to spread.

7. If batter to gloopy to spread fast and thin then thin mix with a little more milk.

8. Toss or flip cake when little bubbles form on surface. Moderate heat if necessary.

9. Flip out and rebutter pan, heat and pour and twist and flip repeatedly - about 15 pancakes.

10. Spread nutrella and creme frraiche as thick and quick as like and roll and send out to kids etc.

11. Or chill unfilled pancakes in fridge until you want a snack and reheat gently in pan again and fill.

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