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Exhibition preview - Allotment paintings by Ezra Piers-Mantell

Tonight we have a preview of Ezra Piers-Mantell's lovely paintings of South London allotments. The paintings will be on Show in our dinning room from Feb 28th. Come and join us for a glass of wine, meet the artist tonight from 5.30pm -7pm


Ezra Piers-Mantell

Born in 1989 and brought up in the depths of the countryside, all free hours of my childhood were spent trawling the fields of Somerset and beaches of Dorset for treasures, and I am much the same now. My focus is on finding interest in places or objects which may, on first glance, have been overlooked, but then either because of their context, or history to the person or people, becoming meaningful.

2012: Having just graduated in Painting from Camberwell Art College, my set of paintings ‘Allotment’ 2011 attracted much interest, encouraging my continued work on allotments.  Paintings began then as sketches on board in Lorne Road Allotment, Brixton and many of them were painted on site too, regardless of rain or shine, which contributed to the life of the painting as a whole.

Late Summer Allotment is a collection of 24 paintings which continues the cycle of work I wish to complete by recording each of the seasons from the perspective of different allotments. These paintings have come from my time spent in Butleigh Wootten Allotments, Somerset and the south London allotments. I am saddened and worried by the loss of some of our great allotments, like the Manor Garden Allotments in Hackney Wick which were condemned to make way for the Olympic village. Now back in London, I hope to continue this series as a reminder of their beauty and value in our lives.

Through my present project on allotments my desire to draw attention to the simple and unnoticed has found form through the layout of paintings as gardens, mirroring ‘the allotted spaces’ each allotment holder is allocated.

Allotment Bunting 2011   was a development from one of the paintings in the Allotment 2011 collection from Lorne Road Allotment, Brixton.  It was inspired by one allotment holder’s fascination with making bunting out of recycled materials to scare away the birds.

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