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ultra-local food: restaurant and cornershop deli


Duck Rillettes, toast fig relish - £6.25

Sprouting broccoli, sheeps cheese, capers & shallot - £5.75

English charcuterie platter:

Dorset air dried mutton, Worscestershire ham, Suffolk salami, Kentsh chorizo mustard & cornichon - £8/14

Ox tongue, mustard fruits, baby leaves


Kentish rabbit, Madeira & turnips - £12.50

Mutton and haggis suet pudding, mash, greens - £13.50

Beetroot and port stew, horeseradish dumpling - £10.50

Brill, Monkfish cheek, saffron, tomato and shellfish broth -  £15


Baked egg custard - £4.50

Somerset brandy and prune, citrus steamed pudding, clotted cream - £4.50

British cheese, oatcakes and chutney - £7.50

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