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A rather special harvest lunch for farmers, growers, bakers, cooks and hungry people!


Brockwell Bake Harvest Lunch 

2011 at and with Brixton Cornercopia 12.45pm, Sunday, October 16th


Tasting of medley of breads from various varieties and grist blends of wheat, Madeiran landrace, Hereward, Weald Light (Brixton Sour), Winter Mix - Latino, Lilford Rivet (with Blue Cone Rivet)

Bermondsey Hard Pressed and Stawley Cheeses

Oxtail Soup (Sussex Red beef oxtail from Hophurst Bio-Dynamic Farm, W. Sussex) or  wheat and Yogurt Soup (vegetarian option) with Turkish and Georgian wheat grown on Rosendale Allotment

Terrine of Buttercup the pig!

Roast loin of Buttercup the pig, from Hophurst Farm or Kent Cob Nut Roast (vegetarian option)
with roast seasonal vegetables from Perry Court Bio-Dynamic Farm, Kent

Baked Rosendale Allotments’ Bramley Apple
with Devon Clotted Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream from Lab G (Laboratorio Artigianale del Buon Gelato)

The idea:

To welcome the autumn and thank some of our supliers we have decided to bring everyone together for a  special harvest lunch on Sunday October 16th. The menu has been created together by Andy Forbes of Brockwell Bake and Ian Riley our chef. The idea is for farmers, bakers, growers and cooks to share a harvest lunch together at Cornercopia. Andy has been making the fabulous sour dough bread we often seve at Cornercopia from heritage wheats that he grows at Rosendale allotment and at Hepworth farm.

Just about everything on the menu will be grown, baked or made by people sharing the feast together with interested and hungry members of the public.

The menu features a tasting menu of breads made from heritage wheat grown by Andy, local cheeses from Bermondsey, roast pig from Hophurst Biodynamic farm, and roast vegetables grown at Perry court biodynamic farm.

There will be an exhibition of heritage wheat he grows on diplay during the meal and for a week or so afterwards.

Dario (from Bellantoni's) has been experimenting making pasta from wheat previously not grown since the 1870's and will be making  blue cone rivet pasta parcels stuffed with wild wood pidgeon to serve to the farmers and Giovanni (Lab G) will be making us ice cream to go with roasted apples from Rosendale allotment.

We think it's going to be an incredible, celebratory meal - if you would like to join us limited seats are available to the public at £24 per head (£12 children under 13) Tickets need to be bought ahead through  Brixton Cornercopia - tel: 07919542233




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