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A crowd sourced revolutionary cookbook, guide, fieldbook and atlas

City Farmers is co-publishing a book about food that will get kids exploring food (cooking it, eating it, growing it, and what happens after) through play.

Mission:Explore Food will be a revolutionary cookbook, guide, fieldbook and atlas to what we grow in the ground, chase around fields, put in our mouths, poo out our bums and plant our seeds in. The book will include scores of both delicious and disgusting recipes, missions, games and wisdom on good ways to find, eat and dispose of food.

Written by The Geography Collective (a team of teachers, academics, artists and explorers) in partnership with City Farmers and illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones, Mission:Explore Food will go where no other family food-related book dares!

The book will be  based on a series of missions for children to complete. Each mission is a playful and quirky learning activity that they can do on their own or with their parents. The missions in the book will cover healthy eating as well as exercise. Mission:Explore was named outdoors book of the year by the National Trust and the Hay festival, and we've been featured by the Guardian, the Times and National Geographic.

The project is crowd funded  and you can support it by buying an advance copy from the website:  Mission:Explore Food

For £20 you will get a signed book + a surprise + an invite to the launch party + your name listed in the book as a patron of the culinary arts

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