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ultra-local food: restaurant and cornershop deli

TRICKLE UP consuming interest in Cornercopia

Brixton Cornercopia and the nosiness of Tree Hugger´s correspondent is one of the sparks along the trail along which I call the TRICKLE UP approach of bringing big ideas from few resources. In an epoch shrinking of cosmoconomies there is little recourse but plunge imagination into action. Gradually the word is getting out that something clever is going on, more people drop in, and carry out. Its a big wheel that takes much to move it. No doubt Cornercopia will be considered a success when the big copycats move in on the idea, so always watch the marketing pitch of mainstream media foodies and supermarket chefs imitating the imaginative.

Like many people striving to survive in the urban jungle, I heartily support Cornercopia´s vision of restoring local food to local cultures to local communities to local cooks to local provisioners to local pocket sized economies. Challnging is understatement in pioneering a new enterprise in the jungle which requires the slash and burn tactics of settlers like A.F. The lucky breaks are few and far between, the Spacemakers initiative brings hot-air of publicity which is essential to get pigs like this to fly. The rent break is minimal in start-up time scale and Lambeth council still collects its mighty dues regardless, making their pleas of encouragement to local entrepreneurs implausible.

Anne Fairbrother´s slash and burn has verged on reckless risk-taking with minimal costs, salvaging and recycling materials and equipment, reopening odd tins of oddly mixed paints left in the basement, shaping the counter out of a bed. Day by day the inventiveness continues, her partner in the kitchen is a true merlin, using all his potions and spells to rework timeless classic british recipes to consume the fantastic panaopoly of fresh and presevered groceries that flow through the various continents into Brixton market stalls and then normally out again into the secret household kitchens for recipes that feed households recaching into treasured family recipes rooted accross the continents up and down the hemispheres. If food miles have to exist then they are best exploited to make the most imaginative culinary transformations that line up at the crossroads of Brixton Cornercopia.

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