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Hola Conercopia!
How are you coping with onslaught of spring - nettles, wild garlic, elderflowers and snails all shooting along with spring storms and mini-heat waves.

Missing out on your inspiring weekly menus that help me keep pace with the latest local crops of Brixton, Dulwich, and further afield wealds and downs.

Please put your menus back on the site.

Or am I missing out on access to more fresh stuff, are you all using twitter and things these days?

Now the web is too slow for slow food!

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Hello Robert,


Yes I'm afraid this is a slow, slow food blog!  But I'm hoping to speed things up over the next few months.

I've just posted this weekend's menus - I'm hoping to get back into weekly or even daily menu postings - This should be much easier once i have WiFi sorted in the market. Am still waiting (over 4 months now) for Mr BT to locate/connect us. It is a long and increasingly frustrating story. Never sign a contract with Talk Talk!!


 So to keep things more up to date I do use twitter to post menu updates hot from the chef, and photos of dishes as they are served.

You can see tweets here:!/brixcornercopia

And photos here:



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